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Personal Graphics Community

This community is a place for me to post the various icons, banners, backgrounds, as well as any and all other graphics I create. Basically, if you like what you see- feel free to join.

I am willing to take requests. There are very few things that I won't make, so don't hesitate to contact me with a request. You can contact me in a number of ways, ranging from private messages, to comments on any of my posts here, to directly e-mailing me at highstriker@gmail.com. If you wish to e-mail me, please insert a subject line that makes it blatantly obvious that the e-mail is not mistakable for spam.

A few simple notes about this community:

Most of my graphics do not contain explicit content, therefore this journal does not have the highest adult rating. However, I fully expect everyone here to pay attention to the text before a post. I will clearly mark posts that contain explicit adult content, and all such content will be placed behind a cut and marked clearly as Not Safe For Work. Also, some icons in my posts contain swear words, and I will not provide warnings for such icons as I do not see it as any sort of a real problem. If you find something to be offensive, I'd prefer you contact me privately, through e-mail, or by way of a private message here on LJ. This way simply avoids getting anyone else involved, and will help keep any sort of fights from breaking loose.

There are only four rules for this community, and they're all quite simple.

Rule 1: Be courteous. I love comments, and I enjoy both praise and constructive criticism, so feel free to comment as often as you'd like. I only have a problem with rude and mean-spirited remarks. This also applies to other LJ users who post comments here- I expect everyone to be respectful to myself and to others who comment here in my community. Not that I really think this will be an issue, but this is the only warning I'm giving, and if I deem it the right thing to do, I will not hold back from deleting a comment.

Rule 2: No hotlinking. Simple as that, please save any graphic you wish to use to your own computer, and then upload it yourself, don't just copy and paste URLs. Also, since some people don't follow this rule, you may notice some empty slots in some of my posts. I don't go searching for these, so if you see some in a post, and you'd like to see any missing icons, leave a comment, and I'll see to re-uploading any icons that are no longer showing up.

Rule 3: You may use my icons as bases. However, if you'd like to do so, contact me first be it through a comment, e-mail, or private message. And be sure to give credit if you choose to use any icons for a base. If you'd like to use a background or a banner as a base, make sure to contact me first as well.

Rule 4: If you take any of the graphics I've made, I do ask that you give credit. If you don't know how to credit- see the image and instructions below, if you're still unsure, then I'll be glad to inform you on how to do so here on LJ: if you wish to use my graphics on another site, and aren't sure how to give credit, please send me the link to the site, and I'll let you know what I think about giving something credit.

To give credit for icons: Simply copy the text shown in the comment box in the below image. It'd be nice if you included the code, but if you don't that's fine as well- you can just put 'Made by: high_striker', the part I'm really concerned about is the credit itself. As for headers or mood themes, all I ask is a mention given somewhere on your profile. You can also replace 'high_striker' with 'strikers_design', both are perfectly fine with me. :)

And last but not least: have fun. I sincerely hope you like my creations, and find my posts here to be enjoyable.

*My sources can be found here*


If you're interested in being affiliated with my community, please contact me. It can be through a comment, a private message, or by e-mail. Along with your request, please either link me to a post with, or directly send me, a promotional banner. If you don't have one, you can send an icon with your community's name on it, or you can send me your favorite icon that you've made.

The only thing I require is that you must either be a member here, or that you at least watch the community. And I will only affiliate with other graphic comms.






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Added: February 7th, 2009